Jiwa Nal Valley

This Valley nestles along the Jiwa Nal River and lies next to Sainj Valley. The source of the river, a small pond, Sartoo, is fed by glacial and snowmelt water. The river flows Westward to the village of Siund, where it joins the River Beas. Trekking in Jiwa Nal Valley begins at Siund, around 35kms from Aut. Jiwa Nal – Parvati Valley trek is a difficult one and only recommended for those whit prior experience.

It is one of the remotest places in middle Himalayas and since the park is only accessible by foot, it is one of the best places to be at for those who enjoy solitude. Due to limited to no presence of locals or other travellers it is advised that only those who have good knowledge of geography and can estimate their path correctly in absence of manmade landscape markings should embark on such a trek.  Permit is to be obtained from office of GHNP before starting with this trek.


Parvati Valley
Sainj Valley
Tirthan Valley