Govan's Corydalis (click to enlarge)

Govan’s Corydalis (click to enlarge)

Local name Govan’s Corydalis (Bhootkashi)
Botanical name Corydalis govaniana
Family Fumariaceae (Fumitory family)
Description and uses Govan’s Corydalis is an erect, tufted, perennial herbs, 15-70 cm tall, usually simple, often with leaves arising from roots, as long as the stem, and 0-2, opposite leaves down below the stem. Rootstock thickened, covered with withered sheathing bases of leaves. Stem leaves, if present, are deeply lobed. Yellow flowers occur in 10-25 -flowered racemes, generally simple, often dense, 5-10 cm long, increasing upto 15 cm in fruit. Flowers are 2-2.5 cm long, with the spur making up half the length of the flower. Found in the Himalayas at altitudes of 2400-4800 m. Flowering: May-August.