Bergenia ciliata - Paatherchatta ( Click to enlarge)

Bergenia ciliata – Paatherchatta ( Click to enlarge)

Local name Sanskrit: Pashanabheda, Vatapatri Hindi: Paatherchur, Paatherchatta
Botanical name Bergenia ciliata
Family Saxifragaceae
Description and uses It is an erect, fleshy herb with leaves fleshy, sheathing entire, ciliate, up to 30cm in diameter. The flowering and fruiting time is in the month of June and commonly found at   an altitude of 1800-4000m in all the valleys of GHNP. This plant is widely used as a traditional medicine for treatment of kidney stones. It is an effective remedy for haemorrhoids, diarrhea, dysentery, heart diseases, raktapitta and splenic disorders. It relieves the obstructed phlegm in respiratory catarrh, like cough and colds. Pasanabheda is useful as an antidote in opium poisoning