Gerbera gossypina - Kopara (click to enlarge)

Gerbera gossypina – Kopara (click to enlarge)


Local name Kopara
Botanical name Gerbera gossypina
Family Asteraceae (Sunflower family)
Description and uses Hairy Gerbera Daisy is a slender herbaceous plant commonly seen on open grassy slopes of the Himalayas. The daisy-like flower-head is generally white in color and lightly tinged with pink. It always grows singly on a long cottony leafless stem, above the leaves. The leaves, all at the base, are also 2-6 in long and ½-3 in broad, smooth and shining above, densely cottony beneath, lance-like, often pinnately lobed at the base. It is found at altitudes of 1200-2400 m. Flowering: March-June.